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Dokkie 21:09:58 30/03/2009  #1
Amnesia, HY-PRO seeds quote

Check out this awesome Amnesia grow.
In soil, like 1,5week veg and 12weeks flower, with Hy-pro nutes.

Dokkie 21:11:32 30/03/2009  #2

Here's the potporn.. s1

choice 11:53:31 01/04/2009  #3

nice buds dok!! (U)

goran 22:24:34 17/04/2009  #4

serious buds s1
and you are god in growing setups

dkron 22:20:36 20/04/2009  #5

nice job!! hypro?!!

Dokkie 09:47:36 23/04/2009  #6

I thought so to man, those buds are mega. and she smokes like crazie to man. totaly out of it. I had a couple of joint form this amnesia, and it knokt me of my feet man, allmost trippy.. Her flavours are uniqeu, its very fine hazy, herby, hint of basillicum.. hmmm very nice...(U) yeah man, Hy-Pro seeds. This is 100% Amnesia. Hy-pro crew came up whit this strain like 8 years ago. Nevil's Haze was the dad.
The guy from Hy-pro took like 2 to 3 years of sellecting, cultivating, before he found a stable strain, And than He called it, AMNESIA!!... :)

zypher 03:42:36 02/06/2009  #7

sometime next summer when I come to Amsterdam for 2 months. I would be interested in seeing some your plants right in front of my face Dookie. if that's ok with you that is. keep up the good work tho on the growing. I hope when I start growing my 1st that they get that nice and plump looking.

Dokkie 03:39:44 08/06/2009  #8

well thnx dude, :) |) but I gato say that those are not my plants man, However I do grow some amnesia at the moment only they are not that big as their sisters on the pictures.. (U)

BlizzOut 22:53:02 14/06/2009  #9

I love those buds mate, they looks fantastic.
Hope my Amnesia G13 from marshall seeds will be like that.

is that Amnesia or have more genetics in it ?crossed & improved ?


B1 10:59:08 23/10/2009  #10

Very NICE plant !!!

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